The following is a list of clues and hints to help avoid the common problems found in designing for the Baxter. They are compiled from what designers and electricians have found over the years. If they are at all confusing, please call the Production Electrician for clarification.

  1. The designer is responsible for the placement of houselights. There are approximately 30 "snub" nose Par64 500w MFL fixtures available for this purpose. Dimmers for houselights are already reserved. Designers will want to discuss entryway lighting with the Production Electrician.
  2. There is a batten located off stage right inline with the rear of the SR seating unit EXCLUSIVELY for houselight fixtures.
  3. The dimmer layout of the Bolton creates some limits for the Baxter. The Baxter inventory correctly shows the number of circuits available.
    • The 16 floor pocket dimmers are NOT available.
    • The 10 US wall dimmers are only available as scenery permits.
    • Dimmers are reserved for houselight control.
  4. Typically a maximum electrics trim of 21'0" to the batten is used. This greatly facilitates focus.
  5. If possible, try to avoid placing units 2' or less from the end of a batten. Due to cable swag and masking units will get knocked out of focus more times than one wants to count.
  6. Studio One is used as the entry way to the Baxter Stage. The lighting of Studio One is NOT the responsiblity of the lighting designer, however the Studio One lighting is controlled via the Baxter Stage console.
  7. The Elipscans unfortunately produce a high pitched whine that makes them unsuitable for use in the Baxter. The I-Cues are quiet enough.
  8. The beam positions are constructed in a way that doesn't allow a lamp to be hung straight down or up, as it should. Because all lamps in these positions are yoked out, focus (and "normal" shutter cuts) can be more annoying than it should be.
  9. We have a cad sketch of the midrails(VectorWorks format) and associated ductwork.

Additional Equipment Notes