The following is a list of clues and hints to help avoid the common problems found in designing for the Drury. They are compiled from what designers and electricians have found over the years. If they are at all confusing, please call the Production Electrician for clarification.

  1. The first three manual linesets (#2, #3, #4) are double purchase and are operated from the SL midrail (approx. 29'0" above the stage). These battens are also shorter and NOT centered. The battens are 21'0" from CL to SL and 19'0" from CL to SR. All other manual lineset battens are 42'0" long.
  2. As the inventory sheet indicates one of the limiting factors in the Drury is the number of circuits. It is NOT possible to transfer F.O.H. circuits to overstage. Please keep this in mind especially regarding deck circuits and cyc lights.
  3. The box booms will comfortably hold 15 lamps, in 5 rows of 3. The pipes start at approx. 13'7" above stage level and are spaced approx. 2'4" apart. An additional overhung row of three can be used if needed. Because the position is so far off stage of the proscenium opening, getting a shot very far upstage on the side you are coming from is difficult, if not impossible. This can be minimized by cross focusing the lamps (focusing the on stage lamp near, and the offstage lamp far).
  4. The beam position is very awkward to hang and focus in, so count on spending more time than you would expect on that position while focusing. The beam is 40'0" long. It will accommodate up to 26 lamps, if they don't need to angle much when focused. If the focus is very far from straight on, only 22 lamps will fit. There are some architectural obstructions in the beam, which are shown on the MiniCAD drawings. Draw the position as you wish it hung, and we will adjust the lamps (no more than 1'0" left or right) to make it work. There is a 3-D cad sketch of a portion of the beam(VectorWorks format) available.
  5. The beam slot positions (L&R) are basically another box boom far into the house. They can accommodate a single stack of 5 lamps, 6 if we cram them in.
  6. The balcony slot positions (L&R) are similar to the beam slots. They will hold 4 lamps, 5 if we cram them in.
  7. The balcony rail pipe has a useful length of 17'6" long, centered.
  8. The booth is the only place to realistically place follow spots. Though the angle is rather low, it has worked out well for the most part. The throw is approx. 64'0" to PL.
  9. The 6K dimmers are located at floor level USR and USL. This make them very handy for groundrows.