Strand 300 series (50 channel)
Houselights and non-dims are controlled via a separate panel either in the booth or backstage.


32 Strand Series 600 analog dimmers - 24 @ 4.0kw and 8 @ 7.2kw
6 Non-Dims (30 Amps each)



Proscenium Opening: 20'0" x 14'8"
Plaster line to Upstage wall: 26'3"
Plaster Line to Downstage Edge: 1'6"
Access Door (USL): 6'0"w x 16'0"h (2'2" above side stage floor)
Refer to soft goods schedule for details on available goods.
Batten Length: 22'0"
25 line sets, Hemp house, See line set schedule for details.
FOH Pipes - approx 20'0" above stage level. - Ladder access only.
  1. @ 5'0" from PL with 2 circuits each end
  2. @ 10'0" from PL with 4 circuits center
  3. @ 14'0" from PL with 4 circuits L,C,R(12 total)

In addition to the inventory below, there is a floating inventory that is shared between theatres but primarily reserved for use in the Drury and the Bolton. This is on a separate sheet. Please contact the Production Electrician for the availability of these units for your show.

Unit Inventory
# Type Wattage Notes
4 Altman 4.5" Zoom Ellipsoidal 575w (FLK) 15°-30° 6.25"x6.25" gel frame
20 Altman 4.5" Zoom Ellipsoidal 575w (FLK) 25°-50°
8 Altman 4.5" Zoom Ellipsoidal 575w (FLK) 30°-60°
18 Altman 1KAF 6" Fresnel 1000w(BTR) 7.5"x7.5" gel frame