Strand 300 Series(50 channel capacity)


1 - 24x1.2kw Strand CD-80 pack with analog inputs, will also accept AMX and DMX
6 - 20 amp non-dim stage pin circuits located adjacent to the dimmer pack.
There is an additional 100A 3-phase connection available from catwalk level.


The room is 45'2"w X 39'5"us/ds.
The acting area with the current seating configuration is approx 18'0"w X 21'0"us/ds.
There is a 1 1/2" pipe grid over the stage. The grid is 37'0"w X 34'3"us/ds.
The grid is laid out in approx five foot squares.
Height to catwalk = 13'10"
Height to grid = 21'4"
Typical seating capacity is 124 adults.

Check with production electrician for exact fixture availablity.

Unit Inventory
# Type Wattage Notes
14 6x9(Altman 360Q) 575w(FLK)
8 6x9(Strand 2321) 500w(EGE)
8 6x12(Altman 360Q) 575w(FLK)
8 Par 64 Cans 500w(WFL)
10 6" Fresnel (Altman 65Q) 500w(BTL)
10 6" Fresnel (Century 553) 400w(EHR)
6 6" Fresnel (Century 553) 400w(EHR) Do NOT move. Used for houselights.

WARNING: Check lamping on all units before circuiting!

Studio One typically has a rep plot installed using the majority of these fixtures with a few left to be used as specials.