The City Theatrical AutoYoke (new for the 2000-2001 season) is permanently mounted just SR of center in the second beam. Getting it there was a bit awkward but it works very nice. The upstage shot is somewhat limited due to the nature of the theatre. Our AutoYoke is equipped with AutoIris but not AutoFocus.

Our AutoYoke is setup for 8-bit operation and requires five DMX channels - Pan, Tilt, Iris, Focus(unused), Setup(rarely needed). We suggest you plan for three console channels Pan, Tilt and Iris.


The Rosco I-Cues can be set for either 8 bit or 16 bit operation. The Play House does not currently own a console capable of 16 bit control. The unit is supplied 24vdc and DMX from scroller style power supply and control cable.

We have found the I-Cues to be quite a bit quieter than the ElipScans and as such they are the only option for the Baxter Stage.


The Meteor ElipScans require a total of five DMX channels Pan, Tilt, Pan Speed, Tilt Speed and Relay(unused). One oftens plan uses only three console channels - Pan, Tilt and combined speed. The speed channels are of little use but should be set to FULL for the unit to work properly. The ElipScan makes a high pitched whine that makes them inappropriate for the Baxter Stage.

Double Gobo Rotator

The Rosco Double Gobo Rotators can be controlled via MFX adapters or via the DMX control box. When using the MFX control you will have single direction control of one of the motors. When using the DMX DC controller you will have bi-directional control of both motors.

The DMX DC controller requires eight DMX control channels.
11A forward21A reverse
31B forward41B reverse
52A forward62A reverse
72B forward82B reverse

Rosco advises that the max cable length from the DMX control box to the rotator be 50 feet.

Indexing Double Rotator

The DHA Indexing Double Rotator is controlled directly via DMX. There are several modes of operation.

Mode 1 emulates the operation of standard double gobo rotators with the DMX DC Controller but with the added functionality of indexing. The rotation speed of each gobo is controlled by two channels of DMX, channel 1 controlling the forward rotation and channel 2 controlling reverse rotation. Setting both channels to the same non-zero level will stop the gobo in an index position represented by the channel level -i.e.both channels at 1% level will stop the gobo at 0° rotation;both channels at 50% will stop the gobo at 180 °rotation. Channels 3 and 4 are used for the second gobo.

Mode 2 provides basic control of rotation speed/direction and index position similar to that used by many moving lights, using just one DMX channel for each gobo.

00index 0 º
12749%index 360 º
129-19051-74%clockwise fast-slow
194-25476-99%anticlockwise slow-fast

All indexing will take place at approximately 5RPM.

Mode 3 uses 3 DMX channels for each gobo and allows for 16 bit indexing which is accurate to 0.1°(see note*). This mode also allows for independent control of direction and speed of indexing.

1-1271-49%clockwise fast-slow
129-25451-99%anticlockwise slow-fast
200%continuous rotation
1-2551-100%index position coarse
30-2550-100%index position fine

Indexing will take place at the speed and direction set by channel 1 (or channel 4 for gobo 2)unless it is set to zero,in which case indexing will take place at appr x.5 rpm.

*NOTE:The gears that are used on the Indexer have a small amount of backlash which is used for heat expansion,and this can affect the accuracy of the Indexer.Accuracy can be maintained if the lighting console is programmed so that indexing always occurs in the same direction.

Diversitronics Strobe

The Diversitronics strobe has an attached control box with dials for intensity and rate. The unit is approximately 6" x 6" x 15".

Diversitronics Ellipsoidal Strobe Module (ESM-DMX-S4 for ETC Source 4)

The Diversitronics ESM-DMX-S4 is a replacement cap for the ETC Source Four. The unit requires two DMX channels - Intensity and Rate. We do NOT own an analog controller. The unit must be powered with direct AC not from a dimmer or a non-dim. A max of two modules per 15amp circuit. The flash rate is variable from 15/sec to 15/min. Color temperature: 5600K; 22 joules/flash max.

Wybron Forerunner Color Scrollers

The Wybron Forerunner Color Scollers use a 16 color scroll. There is not an option for a partial scroll. We currently have three sets of "stock" scrolls.

Position Level Scroll #1 Scroll #2 Scroll #3 Scroll #4 Scroll #5
2 07 R4290 R53 R55 R22 L135
3 14 R2007 R55 R54 R2002 L132
4 21 R83 R54 R52 R4660 R69
5 28 R26 R51 L142 L176 R78
6 34 R01 R52 R58 R51 R80
7 42 R62 L142 R36 R47 R83
8 48 L161 R58 L162 L797 R2004
9 55 R80 L162 L152 L161 R23
10 61 R83 L152 R17 L200 L111
11 68 R00 R03 R21 L119 R26
12 75 R03 R37 L174 L120 R349
13 80 R2003 R36 L161 L143 G940
14 88 R4415 L174 R78 L241 G950
15 94 R4390 L161 R80 L116 G948
16 FL R349 R80 R82 L200 R56

Wybron ColorRam Scrollers

These are original Wybron ColorRam scrollers NOT ColorRam II. Maximum of 24 colors in a scroll. Due to fan noise these are NOT recommended for the Baxter Stage.

PositionScroll G2Scroll G3
1R304 CLR
2R01 R4490
3R54 R90
4R362 L729
5R68 R83
6R78 G915
7R357 R59
8R358 G250
9R49 R23
10R37 R33
11L111 R00