The Cleveland Play House 2001 Scene Shop photo

NOTE: There is a fire curtain in the BOLTON, DRURY, and BROOKS theaters that cannot be blocked from coming to the floor.


The scene shop is well equipped for all aspects of wood and metal construction. Building layout, door size and actual shop space pose some restrictions to the physical size of scenery pieces.


2x4/ply construction platforms in stock, 4x8's and a variety of sizes.

Soft Goods:

See schedules for each theater.

Rake Stage:

3/4" per foot rake, DS height 6" approx. 22'6" deep and 50'0" wide

Spiral Stairs:

Duvinage KS-48 - 24" radius, 30° treads, 9" rise, 3½"Ø centerpole. The Iron Shop 30" radius, 22½° treads, 8½" rise, 3½"Ø centerpole

PLEASE NOTE: The availability and condition of stock items is dependant on their present use and age. Call for more details.

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Scene Shop Staff:

Technical Director Erik Siedel Ext. 248
Tech Prod Asst TBA Ext. 250
Shop Foreman Lonnie King Ext. 249
Carpenters Richard Jones Ext. 249
Adam Miller Ext. 249
Steve Stuckert Ext. 249